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The Garden is a café, restaurant and bar located in the heart of historic Berry, on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

About The Garden

With delightful indoor dining spaces and a large, all-weather dog-friendly garden courtyard, we are the ideal meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

We are open 7 days a week offering breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes. Fully licensed, we also offer a range of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails and you are welcome to join us for just a drink and soak up the sun on our outdoor lounges.

We are passionate about using fresh, local and seasonal produce and we proudly work with a large number of fabulous local suppliers, farmers, wineries, distilleries and artisans. We cater for all tastes, with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options all available.

Functions & Events


Rebecca Brennan – ‘Light & Landscapes’

For many artists living in Australia, engagement with the landscape is inevitable. Travelling around Australia in her early 20's, living in remote areas, has given Rebecca a strong sense of spirit and connection to place. Sketching en plain air, she then returns to her studio where she builds layers of impasto and oil paint to convey the mood and the beauty of the chosen scene. From the Illawarra escarpment meeting the ocean, to the rolling hills & vistas of the Shoalhaven, 'Light & Landscapes' is an exhibition not to be missed.

Philip Miles – ‘Art-WORK’

"This year I am retiring as a professional artist. A common response to this news is ‘How can you retire from something that isn’t work in the first place?’ This is a misunderstanding! To use the words of Thomas Edison, good art is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration. In this exhibition I wish to explain a bit about the work that lies behind the oil paintings I have produced over the last 16 years. There will be paintings from different stages of my career on display, though most will be recent ones." Philip Miles 

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